Small… But Few Must-Haves in a Wedding

Small… But Few Must-Haves in a Wedding

Wedding Hampers

The first thing your guests will notice at your wedding is your wedding hamper, which in many ways sets the tone for your wedding!

A classy wooden hamper or a knitted basket sure makes your wedding looks big and classy. It is a great way of telling the guests how much you appreciate their presence and how happy you are that they travelled to take part in your special day.

Welcome Cards & Itenery

When it comes to wedding invitations, It is nearly impossible to fit everything in one invite … Wedding itenery allows you to list all the wedding functions for your.

Welcome cards expresses your gratitude towards your guest as it becomes impossible for the Bride and Groom to great all their guest individually.

Wedding Luggage Tags

These small tags are a big problem solver when it comes to luggage gone missing …Well We hope they don’t, So we suggest simple customized wedding tags which look pretty and comes handy all the time…

Thank you Gift/letter

One last thing thing to seal your happy day is a Thank you note or a gift to the many people who attended your wedding, and helped make your day magical. It could be a box of sweets or a silver coin just so they remember this day.